Welcome to CAPEC !

 Developed to help visitors in China to discover and engage in Trade and economic development with Canada companies, CAPEC works with the Canadian government, various trade and industry associations in Canada to capitalize on all the inbound trade delegations and business people who come here looking for trade opportunitie, and to encourage integration of Chinese entrepreneurs into Canadian business community.

Developed to further the relationships in cultural and educational exchanges between China and Canada, CAPEC works with the Canadian School Board, Colleges and Universities to help visitors to explore and build relationship between foreign countries and Canada.

Our Service

CAPEC exists to hosting international conferences, seminars related to economic and trade between China and Canada, organizing and receiving delegations of various Chinese government official groups as well as Chinese business groups, assisting Chinese government agencies and businesses to have access to Canada. CAPEC exists to ease the barriers of international trade and increase the awareness of international visitors, guests and buyers to all of the excellent trade opportunities in Canada. On the other side, CAPEC exploring business opportunities for Canadian clients in China.

The purpose of the CAPEC

1. to help foreign visitors discover and engage in trade with many of Canada's companies

2. to promote international trade and economic development between canada and china

3. to strengthen the cooperation in trade and economic development

4. to further the relationships in cultural and educations exchanges

5. to encourage integration of chinese enterpreneurs into Canadian business community


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